Anyone who assists Veterans in obtaining benefits must be accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Despite the great need for assistance, with tens of millions of Veterans in our nation, there are less than four hundred accredited Veterans benefits claims agents in the world. That's why we do what we do at Veterans Outreach Ministries, with five accredited agents ready to help you obtain your benefits: Bobby Bowman - Navy, Paul Bunn - Army retired, Benjamin Rook - Army, Will Marler - Army retired, Jim Lites - Air Force, and "Doc" Kim Kinzer - Air Force.

We encourage you to check the accreditation status of any agent or individual who offers you benefit application assistance, including our agents. You can search for accredited agents in your area, or check the accreditation status of any individual, by using the search tool found here.

Our mission to help Veterans and their families would not be possible without the accredited Veterans claims agents we have. Becoming an accredited Veterans claims agent is a grueling task. The process can take up to 2 years. To become a Veterans claims agent, a person must be investigated and tested. If the test is not passed, there is no retesting. The process must start over.